CoolTime 12000-BTU

The ultimate combination of performance and comfort, our Advanced Series systems deliver the highest efficiencies (up to 19 SEER) and quietest operation—down to a whispering 22 dB(A).

Available Capacities: 9,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, 18,000 BTU, 24,000 BTU

Energy Efficient

Utilizes less energy with the best DC inverter technology compressor

4D Airflow

4D airflow deflectors spread air perfectly to the farthest corner of the room

Odour Control

Dehumidifying function controls odours and contaminants in the air


Low Carbon footprint to reduce carbon depletion

Freeze Protection

8 C function protects the furniture and the property from freezing during long absences in extreme cold temperature.

Sound Rating

Noise level as low as 19 dB(A), softer than a whisper, that protects your comfort and inhibits noise pollution.

Auto Swing

Adjustable air flow direction for gentle, breeze like effect with 4D auto swing function.

Multiple Modes

Cooltime has multiple modes that provides a complete air conditioning experience regardless of time of day or season.

Product Description



CoolTime Advanced series by CoolAir Inc provides single zone heating, cooling and ventilating solution all in one product. Wall mounted ductless HVACs with extra energy
efficiency up to 23 SEER. Customizable multiple mode options. 4D air deflectors make the access of air in each and every corner of the room. High quality air anti-microbial air filters that resist germs and bacteria contamination. Excellent Anti-fungal function to maintain hygienic environment. Eco-friendly refrigerant R410A, that reduces carbon emission.


DC inverter technology that consumes less energy because of its inverter compressor that utilizes low energy , while delivering maximum performance. Dual sensor technology with Follow Me function that detects human heat signature and adjusts airflow in that direction. WI-FI automation delivers full control of HAVC even when you are not around. Peaceful operation through Silent Mode.

Why it is better

Energy efficient. Quiet performance. Elegant design. Easy installation. Hassel free maintenance.

Indoor Unit

Indoor Model No CA12-ID-19
Dimension (W*D*H) (Inch) 31.57×7.44×11.69
Packing (W*D*H) (Inch) 34.45×11.22×14.76
Net Weight (Lbs) 18.96
Gross Weight (Lbs) 24.91
Number of Fan Speed 4

Outdoor Unit

Outdoor Model No. CA12-OD-19
Dimension (W*D*H) (Inch) 31.50×13.11×21.81
Packing (W*D*H) (Inch) 36.22×15.35×24.21
Net Weight (Lbs) 70.33
Gross Weight (Lbs) 76.28
Zoning Capacity Single Zone
Voltage (V) 115
Phase (P) 1
Minimum Circuit Ampacity (A) 15
Cycle (Hz) 60
Max. Fuse (A) 20


Capacity (Range) (BTU/Hr) 12000
Input (Watts) 1020
Rated current (Amps) 8.87


Capacity (Range) (BTU/Hr) 12000
Input (W) 1026
Rated current (Amps) 8.93


SEER (BTU/Watts) 19.0
EER (BTU/Watts) (Cooling) 10.5
COP (kW/kW) (Heating) 3.43

HSPF4 (BTU/Watts) (Heating) 9.50
HSPF5 (BTU/Watts) (Heating) 7.80


Model No KSK103D33UEZ3
Type Rotary
Capacity (Watts) 3100
Input (Watts) 790

Brand GMCC
Rated Current (RLA) (Amps) 6.0
Refrigerant Oil/Oil charge (mL) ESTER OIL VG74 310 ± 15 mL

Heat Exchanger

Type (Outdoor) Aluminum, Flat Fin, Micro Channel
Pipe Diameter (Inch) 1/4”

Type (Indoor) Aluminum Fin / Copper Tube

Indoor Unit

Enclosure Polystyrene
Motor Model No ZKFP-20-8-113
Brand Welling
Input (Watts) 35.20
Output (W) 20.00
Speed (Hi/Mi/Lo) (RPM) 1050/850/600
Indoor Air Flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) (CFM) 247/182/129
Indoor Noise Level (Hi/Mi/Lo) (dB(A)) 38/32/25

Outdoor Unit

Enclosure Painted Galvanized Steel
Drive Type Inverter
Fin Type Coated Fin
Input (Watts) 58
Running Load Amps (RLA) (Amps) 0.39
Speed (RPM) 850/650
Outdoor Noise Level (dB(A)) 55
Fan Type Axial Flow
Coil Type Aluminum Fin & Copper Tube
Motor Model No ZKFN-34-8-1-3
Output (Watts) 34
Winding Resistance (Ω) 77.3
Outdoor Air Flow (CFM) 1176.47

Pipe Connection

Pipe Type Copper Internal Thread
Liquid Side (Inch) 1/4″
Maximum Refrigerant Pipe Length (Feet) 82

Power Interconnecting Wiring 16AWG*4 Stranded, unshielded
Gas Side (Inch) 1/2″
Maximum Difference in Level (Feet) 33


Refrigerant Type R410A
Control Method Electronic Expansion Valve
Additional Refrigerant (Oz/Feet) 0.161

Factory Charge (Oz) 29.63
Refrigerant Pre-charge (Feet) 25′
Pressure (PSIG) 550/340


Thermostat Type Remote Control
Auto Fan Yes
Sleep Mode Yes
24 Hour On/Off Timer Yes

Turbo Mode Yes
Self-Cleaning Yes
Follow-Me Yes
8°C Heating Yes

Operating Range

Indoor (Cooling/Heating) (℉) 62~90/32~86
Coverage Area (Cooling) (SQ. FT.) 172-252

Outdoor (Cooling/Heating) (℉) 5~122/5~86

Include Accessories

Mounting Plate
Clip Anchor
Remote Controller
Remote Controller Holder

Drain Joint
Connecting Pipe
Field Drain Pipe

Energy Guide