Anti-Fungal System

CoolAir cares for your overall family health. That is why CoolAir HVACs present the Anti- Fungal function. This function enables the indoor system to purify the air from air borne germs and allergens that contaminate your environment. A normal split AC and HVAC unit is contaminated by the fungal accumulation in its indoor system and can cause mold allergies. That is why CoolAir HVAC unit has built in Anti-Fungal system that prevents fungus and suppress fungal hazard. This function automatically self-cleans its indoor unit and removes fungus inside the indoor unit.

CoolAir indoor unit also dehumidify the environment with advanced filtration system and reduce the danger of asthma, eczema and respiratory diseases. Humidity levels can be effectively controlled through latest Anti- Fungal function. Decreased level of mold and mildew in the rooms helps to save your property and belongings. Superior quality antimicrobial filters are washable and can be used for many years. Anti microbial is known for its bacteria and germ reduction properties. With improved and purified air quality we ensure your and your family’s health. Opt for CoolAir splits for a fresher and cleansed air.