Always ahead with commitment to better living by infusing Smart innovation with complete reliability



CoolAir is a trusted Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Company that provides customers with optimized comfort at their doorstep. CoolAir is founded on the concepts of reliability, comfort and innovation. We believe in high quality and standards of service. Our cutting-edge technology takes comfort and convenience to the next level. Our stylish and elegant designs will provide any home or office space a unique and stylish look.Our HVAC systems provide health benefits with inbuilt air filtration systems that promote wellbeing and guarantee a healthy germ-free environment.

We hold the beacon of environmental sustainability by conserving energy through smart technology. Our ductless HVACs are designed to consume low energy and work with accuracy and efficiency.CoolAir prioritises the ease and comfort of our clients. Noiseless and seamless air flow systems help make surroundings pleasant and comfortable. Our 4D airflow system circulatesa gentle breeze to every corner of the room.

Core Values



Low carbon footprint limits amount of emissions through smart energy consumption


Super quality, reliability and performance make CoolAir a premium supplier in HVAC industry



Advanced technology and innovative products that  provide comfort and add value to your life


We are big enough to meet your product needs and small enough to care for your business

Our ever efficient team thrives on optimizing and utilizing cutting edge technology, including a Smart App for remote access through a Wi-Fi network. With this advanced technology, your ductless HVAC can be operated through mobile devices providing you with control over your home or office temperature, anywhere.We strive to make our mark in HVAC industry. Moreover, we consistently make effort to deliver the highest quality HVAC with futuristic technology, so our customers can have comfort beyond words.



Our Dual Sensor Technology automatically adjusts to changes in room temperature based on personalized settings. The highly adaptable characteristics of CoolAir’s ductless HVACs make our products distinctive.We determinately follow latest ISO standards to make products safe for all users. Our indoor and outdoor units are quality checked before dispatch. We ensure that our products are durable and reliable



CoolAir strictly follows ISO standards and refrigerants regulations of USA. Our industrial standards are matchless with highly qualified and resourceful research team. Our after manufacturing monitoring has impressive advanced procedures for quality check. Testing and quality checks guarantees the best performance of our HVAC units. CoolAir is devoted to add value to our customers’ living style with futuristic approach.



We not only provide you with heating, cooling and ventilating services but we are also dedicated to hand over to you the total control of your indoor air quality. No matter how the weather is outside, whether it is uncomfortably hot, chillingly cold, wet or humid, we strive to ensure that your living space temperature is always regulated and soothing for you. We make your home an oasis for you where you can forget your worries and enjoy your time with your family in a healthy environment.