CoolAir HVACs are adorned with evolutionary DC Inverter technology.  The inverter technology provides cooling and heating both options with less operating costs. These HVACs have 19 SEERs that determines the high performance.This two in one home solution eliminates the need of window AC and a separate heating system. DC inverter technology ensures to regulate the room temperature as well as keep a consistent room temperature..

Compressor motor speed is controlled by the inverter. DC inverter HVACs has different speed drive that controls the electro motor, compressor and heating /cooling output. The inverter adjusts the speed of the compressor according to the set temperature.


Smart DC inverter technology has immense cooling capacity and it cools a room faster than a traditional HVAC system while keeping the impact lower on your electricity bill. The variable speed of compressor in DC inverter technology ensures proper air cooling and heating in a constant way rather its traditional counterpart HVAC system in which the compressor is either not working or working at its fullest.


DC inverter provides exactly the right electricity for the operation of the compressor to regulate the temperature according to your requirements. CoolAir Dc inverter technology increases the splits efficiency and reliability. The exact supply of electricity to the compressors saves a lot of energy ultimately cutting down the operation costs. Even when the electricity fluctuates DC inverter regulates the power in AC and maintains performance. CoolAir DC inverters are less susceptible to break downs. The accuracy of the power supplied to the compressor makes DC inverter quieter, more efficient and durable. Experience the smart technology at your service with CoolAir HVACs