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What is ductless HVAC system?

A ductless HVAC system is a system that provides heating, cooling and ventilating solutions through one appliance and do not require any ducts to operate. A ductless system is a single zone system that is unlike traditional HVAC system, that is attached with ducts and provide central heating and cooling. Ductless system is becoming more popular because of its easy and quick installation procedures and higher energy efficiency. Moreover, ductless HVACs do not need a lot of maintenance and cost effective.

What is SEER rating on HVAC unit?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is the measurement of the efficiency of your HVAC. The higher the rating the more efficient HVAC is. CoolAir HVAC systems have up to 23 SEER and have superior energy efficiency.


What does ENERGY STAR label mean?

Energy Star label means that the HVAC system is energy efficient and eco-friendly. The appliances with energy star label can save up to 20% of average home electricity consumption and lower the bills. Moreover, energy star label appliances do not emit greenhouse gas and contribute in environment protection.

Are CoolAir HVAC systems energy efficient?

Yes, CoolAir HVACs are energy efficient. The latest innovative equipment, smart designed system, and inverter technology make our HVACS superior in saving energy and decreasing energy costs. Ductless HVACs reduce energy consumption even more.

What size of CoolAir HVAC should I choose?

Can I control my CoolAir HVAC through my mobile?

Yes, you can control your CoolAir HVAC through your mobile by installing WIFI App

What is WIFI enabled HVAC?

A WIFI enabled HVAC means that it can be operated through internet remote assistance. The user can install the recommended app on the tablet or mobile and then manage HVAC operation from anywhere anytime without remote control.

How do I connect my CoolAir HVAC to WIFI?

There is a SMART KIT available with the unit. Please refer to the WIFI page for complete installation and configuration process.

How do I make the Smart App work through Wi-Fi?

Install the Smart App on your mobile, laptop or tablet. Connect it to your CoolAir HVAC system Wi-Fi (one time only) and then you can remotely access your split system from anywhere.

Can I manage multiple CoolAir HVACs through one Smart App?

Yes, you can manage multiple CoolAir HVAC systems through one Smart App.

How reliable CoolAir HVAC units are?

CoolAir HVAC systems are highly reliable. We strictly follow quality standards for our products and provide premium quality HVACs to our customers.

The parts have 5 year warranty period and can be exchanged in case of malfunctioning. Reliability is the key property we work on to provide our customers uninterrupted and long lasting performance.

How often I clean my filters?

CoolAir indoor units contain the high quality anti-microbial air-filters that are easily washable. Although, the frequency of cleaning HVAC system air filters depends on how dusty and polluted an environment is but ideally air filters should be cleaned every fourth week in normal environments. In more dusty areas the air filters should be cleaned more frequently.

Keeping your HVAC system’s air-filters clean does not only keep you away from harmful airborne germs but also maintains the performance of your system. Clogged and dusty air filters can cause extra noise. Moreover, your HVAC system has to work harder to push the air out of the system that affect the energy consumption and wastage of electricity. The extra pressure on compressor may lead to system breakdown and damage to your HVAC system.

Though, CoolAir air-filters are long lasting but replace the filters if they get worn out to keep getting uninterrupted performance.

What is the procedure to clean air-filters?

The procedure to clean the air-filters is simple. Consult the manual provided to you with your HVAC system for opening the front panel of the indoor unit. Extract the air-filters carefully. Dust them off with low speed vacuum cleaner but if the filters are clogged then it is suggested that you wash them with normal water. Do not use hot water, strong detergents or bleach. Just use simple detergent to wash off air-filter. Do not try to de shape the air-filters during any procedure. Dry them with clean cloth or let them dry in the shaded place. Avoid any sunlight exposure to the air-filters. After the air filters are completely dry adjust them in the indoor unit properly and shut the front panel securely.

What kind of maintenance is needed for ductless HVAC system?

Ductless HVAC systems do not require much maintenance. You only have to clean your indoor unit air-filters on regular basis (once a month) to get maximum performance and better air quality. New systems do not require any kind of maintenance services. In areas with high humidity levels once a year cleaning services are advisable.

Does ductless HVAC system need re-gassing?

Not necessarily. Normally ductless HVAC units are not prone to gas leakages. But in some cases because of improper installation this condition might happen. Furthermore, it can also happen because of the poor condition of the old piping or because of the direct damage to the HVAC system. In this case contact professional services to assist you in this matter.

How often should I do maintenance service of my system?

Some parts need regular maintenance like air filters that should be cleaned twice a month ideally. Though, CoolAir HVACs are low maintenance but maintenance twice a year makes the performance of HVAC uninterrupted and extends its life expectancy.

Where should I install the outdoor unit?

Installing outdoor unit in an appropriate place helps in its efficiency and durability. When installing outdoor unit consider that the place should be dry and should not be exposed to constant exposure to sun and water. Properly ventilated is best for CoolAir outdoor unit installation. Continuous contact to sun rays increases the energy consumption as the outdoor compressor keeps on moderating its own temperature.

Avoid installing outdoor unit under or near the trees and plants. The bushes and branches might block and damage the filters of outdoor unit and interrupt its performance.

Installing outdoor unit towards road is also not recommended because persistent dust affects the air filters.

Can I install my CoolAir HVAC myself?

Yes, you can easily install CoolAir HVAC by yourself by using installation guide. CoolAir HVACs are ductless and very easy to install unlike traditional ducted HVACs.

Does CoolAir provide after sale services?

No, CoolAir does not provide any after sale service.

How long does CoolAir HVAC last?

CoolAir is a reliable HVAC company and it manufactures top quality air conditioning products. Normally, HVAC systems last for years. But durability of HVAC system depends of many conditions like; weather, environment, installation surrounding, usage, proper maintenance and service. With better maintenance HVAC can last for almost 15 years.

Does CoolAir provide warranty for the parts of HVAC?

Yes, all the parts (except the parts that need user maintenance like air filters) are covered in warranty and are exchangeable if found faulty. Please refer to Warranty page for details and complete terms and conditions.

What is covered by CoolAir manufacturer Warranty?

CoolAir provides reliable warranty for its HVAC parts for the satisfaction of its customers. For complete warranty details please refer to Warranty Page.

Is the warranty of CoolAir HVAC transferable?

No, the warranty of CoolAir HVAC and its parts is not transferable.

There is water leakage from my indoor unit. Why? And what should I do?

The water leakage may indicate that there is blockage in your indoor unit drain pipe. Check it and remove the blockage. Or your system may not be installed properly or unevenly.  Leakage of refrigerant can also cause this issue. In this situation contact professional help.

I need help troubleshooting a problem in my HVAC.

If you have encountered a problem then use the troubleshooting manual. You can also refer to TROUBLESHOOTING page where you can find answers to all your questions of problems encountered. If you do not find the answer to your questions or following the troubleshooting steps do not seem to be working out then contact professional services.

What if my CoolAir HVAC does not work after installation?

CoolAir HVAC systems are properly checked for quality control after manufacturing. Most of the time improper installation causes the system to not work. Please check the user manual and try to configure the system. If not then ask for professional help for set up. However, all the CoolAir HVACs have warranty on certain terms and conditions. Please refer to the WARRANTY page for details.

Indoor unit is causing strange odour. What should be done?

It is not normal. If an odour is coming out of your unit, then check your indoor unit for any foreign object inside and remove it. Clean air filters. After that, activate Anti-Fungal function to eliminate any kind of fungal activity that might be the cause of odour.

Can the windows be left open in the heating/cooling zone?

Opening the windows in the heating/ cooling zone is not advisable. In this case your HVAC cannot provide instant and optimized heating/cooling and have to work longer and harder to regulate the environment.

Is it safe to use CoolAir HVAC all night?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use CoolAir HVAC all night long. There is a SLEEP function that can be adjusted through WIFI App to guarantee a good night sleep throughout.

Is it safe to leave Cool Air HVAC ON when I am not home?

Yes, it is totally safe. Even you can operate CoolAir HVAC from WIFI App when you are not home. 80C function can be switched on while you are not home to protect your furniture from frost damage during your absence.