Follow Me Function

CoolAir HVAC systems contain the latest Follow Me function. This mode is added for your utmost comfort. There is no more need to wait for the split system to cool or heat the entire room and regulate the temperature of the room before you feel comfortable. Now with this dual sensor technology you can get instant cool or warm air directed right towards you the instant your AC system turns on. Follow Me function is user friendly and very easy to start and operate. Follow Me mode is activated through pressing the button on the remote control for 2 seconds.

Direct the remote control towards AC and press the button for two seconds. With the sound of the beep Follow Me mode starts to work. With the latest dual sensor technology the sensors in the indoor unit sense the slightest movement and the innovative DC inverter system updates its air flow every 3 minutes. The sensors installed in CoolAir HVAC are very sensitive and spread the air flow in your direction while Follow Me function is ON. Follow Me mode can be turned off by pressing the Follow Me button again for 2 seconds. With the sound of the beep Follow Me function deactivates.