Improved Air Quality- Refined Environment

Specially designed to protect environment with less energy usage by its smart technology compressor

Washable Antimicrobial Air Filters


CoolAir always commits to protection of environment and health. The excessive mold and mildew in the environment give a breeding space for multiple bacteria that are highly harmful for human health. Exposure to continued humidity and moisture in the environment can also cause serious damage and deterioration to the wood work or may begin rusting of steel and iron items in your property. That is why CoolAir has used antimicrobial air filters in its outdoor units to not only provide you healthy air to breath but also absorb all the contaminants from the air to promote your health. Constant accumulation of dust and humidity on the filters results in early replacement of filters but CoolAir filters are washable. These filters can be cleaned easily. Take out the filters wash them, let them dry and then readjust them again in the indoor unit.

Ductless-No Air Leakage or Water Infiltration


Air leakages are very common in traditional cooling and heating systems. The traditional HVAC system is connected with ducts and the outdoor system and these ducts are susceptible to air leakages all the time. With no ducts attached CoolAir HVACs are not prone air leakages and wasting energy. Moreover, with no ducts there is no of cause water infiltration in the walls eliminating damage and extra maintenance costs.

Superior Anti-Fungal Function


Anti-Fungal function in CoolAir HVAC system protects you from impure air that is caused by fungal production in the AC units. In traditional split ACs the fungal growth can cause serious harm to your health. Anti-Fungal function eliminates the fungal colonization of the filters of its indoor unit protecting you from respiratory diseases and skin infections.

Automatic “Self-Cleaning”


CoolAir HVAC ensure best air quality by introducing Self- Cleaning Function. This function enables the split to remove itself from all the contaminants automatically, thus, spreading the purest and freshest air.