CoolAir ensures providing the top notch technology with convenient solutions. Now you can remotely access your HVAC system with active WI-FI system in your AC. CoolAir DC inverter can be operated through a smart app whenever and wherever you want. Our HVAC systems are WI-FI enabled to optimize efficacy and maximum control. This is a WI-FI automated system that renders you complete control of your HVAC system. You can interact with your HVAC system from your office or wherever you are and command it to cool or heat the room on your desired temperature.

This technology converts your air condition system into a smart device. This app is very user friendly and can be installed on mobile or tablet. You can start and command your HVAC system through the application from your mobile or tablet by activating Wi-Fi. It also enables you to control multiple units simultaneously. One zone that is not used can be turned off through the app while other zone can be air conditioned, ultimately conserving the energy. Think of the joy when you come home or your office and your air conditioning is just perfect.

How it works

Install the Smart App on your mobile, laptop or tablet. Connect it with your CoolAir split through WI-FI (one time only) and then you can remotely access your split system from anywhere.